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Shekhar Eye Research: Chandra Boston Scleral

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : Jewelry 

Who can ever forget the ever so popular gold teeth trend of the late eighties when a smile gleamed gold instead of pearly whites. It was a way to show off a hip and cool fad that made dentist very wealthy and young urban African American appear a litter richer on the outside. As time passed the platinum grill took over and diamonds became the new way to show status and wealth. Sure, a new way to floss and stunt was born during the 20th century, but what real purpose do these trends serve. Bes...

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Eyes by Afterglow Cosmetics

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : Makeup 

The eyes are the window to the soul" has now become a part of the lyrics to a song called eyes from the artist KasKade. Contemplating on that powerful statement is really a search for deeper meaning in the absence of language. A mother looking into the eyes of her child at age 21, the moment your clear vision returns after an eye examination, or that fierce look sported by the next Top Model. Tyra Banks coined the phrase Smieyes and expanded the concept to tap into our imaginations in her new...

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