For women who choose to go natural, or just manage their braided up strands, finding the right product to help keep your edges looking tight and pulled together is key. Gels work well, but the downside to many is the flaking aspect, and it's never pretty when you end up with dandruff looking particles on your shoulders. Another problem with hair gels is the fact that most harden to support a style. Thinking about the manageability of a style means you have to determine what works best for your needs, but getting the control you need does not mean you have to sacrifice softness or the natural state of your hair. That's why I chose to use a unisex product that's been around since the early 1900's, Murrays Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. Take a look at this miracle product, buy it and I believe you will agree that it helps you to manage everything from your edges to your pulled back ponytails.

What I love most about this product is that it works well with blonde or carrot-top shades because it imporves the natural looking highlight appearance. The ingredients are also simple containing only petrolatum, mineral oil, and fragrance. Speaking of fragrance, the sweet smell is pleasant and reminds me of fresh flowers. The texture is thick, making small applications more practical. Using Murray Superior Pomade on braided hairstyles will help to prevent matting of the hair, and you never have to worry about build up because it washes right out easily. Murrays can be purchased from Amazon.Hair Styling Pomades & Waxes), and don't forget your hair brush.Brushes)