So many things are popular now until the wave of the new just keeps getting bigger. The good, the bad, and the ugly rotate in and out of the spotlight setting the pace for what is hot and what is not. After reading an article (sometime in early September) about Tattoos In the Workplace, I had to speak with my creative team about the subject. We decided it would be a good idea to blog on the subject of diversity in a future blog post, and thus here we are.

From tattoos in the workplace all the way to diversity. It is time to redefine diversity or at least to look at it from a different perspective. Mentioning workplace diversity often paints a picture for most that includes various races and an expectation for it to show up in skin color on the job. However, now is the time to think about diversity at work differently.

"The topic of tattoos in the workplace has been touched on, talked about and beaten to death. Everyone    knows that there is a downside to tattoos"________Orlando Sentinel

That statement is taken from a well written article that goes on to talk mostly about the upside of tattoos in the workplace. If people are going to think about tattoos differently, to start thee needs to be a dialogue happening at the executive level within business that uses an open minded approach when it comes to hiring practices throughout the company. The beginning question(s) should be: What does redefining diversity mean and what should it include? The answer? Redefining diversity means looking past reace or nationality, and extending our focus toward attributes like hair color, eye color, tattooed skin, accents, and bald heads etc. Looking at these attributes not as a requirement for hire, but as an asset for attracting a certain target market group is what will move a company forward and encourage open-minded thinking. All of these things play a role within the business model to increase the likelihood of bountiful profits. Reshaping our ideas when it comes to diversity will not hinder a companies development. In fact, it will help confirm what American stands for on a national level.

 Different attributes and different personalities are an extension of what diversity means when it comes to tattoos. The way executives perceive diversity matters because of their power to dictate the message throughout lower levels of the business chain of command. When new ideas are shared, visions are supported and manifested in the day to day operations within a company.