We gave you alternative break up routines and we used your favorite binge food to do it. Now we want to admonish with examples of what unhealthy behavior can birth. Life after a break up is much different than what you knew of when you were a significant other. Sometimes the bond between two people is still not completely broken, even when they have separated. Emotions may still be going crazy, and the thought of a sighting shifts your mood one way or the other. Good or bad feelings are natural human responses. You can overcome these feelings if you are very careful not to engage in unhealthy behavior while the healing process takes it's course.

Unhealthy Behavior

  • clubbing
  • drinking
  • excessive shopping
  • break up *ex
  • rebound romance
  • If you decide to participate in any of the above behavior after a break up, you just might be making the biggest mistake of your life. In particular, break up sex is not something that will help you to get over your ex. One of you will read to much into that type of encounter. Whatever you do avoid it at all cost! Unexpected surprises don't only happen in the movies. One moment of pleasure can equal a lifetime of responsibility. However, mistakes have been known to happen. If this was you a few years back you know exactly what I mean.

    Now you are at a different point in your life, and things are finally going well until you get an unexpected phone call. Its your ex, and now he's pregnant. Just when you thought you could move on no strings attached, the bomb get's dropped right in your lap. You're flabbergasted! Bells and whistles start to go off and you are just trying to make since of it all. If you're the other woman in this situation, try to be rational when you are told. After all, an unborn life has been created. This is not the time to be selfish, so check yourself. Although, you're a big part of the equation, it's not all about you. Show some consideration, and forget about showing off his shoes for now. This is no time to hold a grudge. Focus on helping him to figure out what he wants to do, and be prepared to compromise. Accept the reality of the situation and prepare yourself just in case he reconciles with his ex. Forget about the when, time, and place of the cheating episode. You may need to talk to someone, but therapy sessions are to much for your budget, pitching a private fit might work.  The technique for this is easy and boxing gloves are not necessary, if you do not own a pair. Wait until you are completely alone, and let loose the biggest scream you can muster. Oh, and never share this private moment with your significant other, but do express your feelings during talk time or family discussions. No matter what happens in the end, best wishes are necessary, and I love you is not inappropriate. To the moon, to the stars, and to smithereens with all the bad feelings. End everything with grace, and understand that the tangled web of break up sex stretches far and wide.