Trust in the message and bring the words like you mean them, but make sure you are careful to consider how your audience will receive wisdom.  Don't forget that your words have power and how you arrange them will determine the level of your tone, so make sure your pitch is right.  By right I mean, amicable and welcoming.  I tell you this with much caution and only because of my love for writing.  In no way am I advising you to hold back your emotions.  All I'm suggesting is that you adequately prepare before you grab pen in hand and eventually pound the keyboard.  

Preparation for writing is a lot like preparing a meal or getting ready for a date.  You want to be sure to have everything needed to get the flavor just right, and you also need to have a few drafts laid out before you choose the final one.  Like your favorite dish or perfect outfit.  If you are writing for an angry character in a movie script, by all means get your irate on  using a barbaric attitude.  However, describing fashion in that same tone would be confusing and inappropriate even for a bad outfit.  One of the loving things about print media is being able to feel the emotion of the writing.  I appreciate words, so I want to share some tips that might just help you the next time you are feeling angry
  • Read through lots of material fully or skimming
  • Consider the trends and how you feel about what you've read
  • Figure out what's important to you
  • Consider the things you really like or enjoy (people included)
  • Exercise, breathe, stretch
  • Find the light in the dark tunnel by remembering to laugh
  • Try to be humble on a high note
  • Pray or meditate
  • Start writing in a state of calm
Your approach matters, and although the result may not win you any blue ribbons or high acclaim, it will probably be something that can benefit someone else who may be struggling with a problem or concern.  Lastly, see yourself as a writer who is the voice for someone who needs help or encouragement in a particular area, and please don't forget that you are suppose to be enjoying yourself.