The think tanks in Washington are working together to show Americans that President Obama is not alone in his efforts to address the slowing job market across the United States.  Leaders are going out in various cities meeting with business leaders and members of the community.  These are actual round-table sit downs! 

Just recently in Greenville, SC the USDA's own Catherine Woteki convened with business leaders to try and create a national agenda that encourages new ideas and more job opportunities.  Knowing that these meetings are happening right now at such a critical time, makes me feel more secure about the direction our country is headed in.  Individuals working within government agencies and offices all have an obligation to participate in outreach efforts like this South Carolina one that happened in Greenville.  There is no escaping leadership!

Looking to the President for appearances and speeches of reassurance  won't cut it.  Look to the members of other governmental agencies too, and find out what they are doing to help improve the lives of individuals and families. Realize that this is a team effort where everyone gives of their talent. Don't stop there either!   Start looking at the leaders within your local community, and try not to be apathetic.  If there is an issue you want to address, call your district city council member (so at least) you can get the ball rolling on something the you feel passionate about.  Caring is the first step. Watch below as the president tells you why he entered public service careers.


Politicians need to know what you care about and that you are depending on them to create policies that meet the needs of the community. A lot of times, the politics associated with getting things done can be tiresome. In that instance, the general public longs for completion and the legislators fighting for laws to pass also want to see things finalized. Eventually it happens, and once the process moves through all the red tape, then you realize that government procedure has to have that balance of powers. It inspires and requires people to work together to achieve goals that result in practical policies and good legislation. Catherine Woteki is well known for working with others to accomplish goals that are in line with her desire to promote good health and long life. Woteki contributed to a book (Eat for Life) designed to provide strategy on how to implement changes through diet that would improve health. It is a group compilation inclusive of a host of professionals and educators. The work lists nine dietary guidelines and elaborates on the pro's and con's of following specific eating patterns. If you are interested in reading the work issued by Catherine Woteki and others contact me via email at, subject line: "Eat For Life", and I'll send you an email link.   A desire to help people, the one common thread shared by politicians, is what drives service. Never forget that as you pursue your own agendas.