Reading is a way to encourage the use of imagination. It's a wonderful way to bring character and voice together outside of the television or movie screen. The real beginning way to tell a story and make it your own without using cameras or lighting, and a surefire way to be heard without interruptions from anyone. Without actually speaking verbally or directly to any particular person, you can let the powerful impact of your words ring out and help so many people. That's why I have so much respect for writers, but Whoopi Goldberg's book ( one from a Series) called Sugar Plum Ballerinas Toeshoe Trouble takes readers on an unbelievable journey. The power of family relationships, the bond between friends, and how inspiration can feed the souls of many is only part of the story told through the eyes of Whoopi Goldberg with Deborah Underwood. In combination with being fun, books should edify, serving as an introduction to encourage dialogue within a family concerning moral issues so that lifestyle standards can be set. Building character and encouraging healthy decisions will be the only outcome, if teachable moments are not abandoned. Inspire your youngster by sharing this story at bedtime or during your own personal book club with your child/loved one. You will be glad you did.