The way you see yourself in the scheme of life out in the workplace is really totally up to you. Determine what role you play in performance and delivery and how the outcome affects the future of the company and the overall reputation of your employer. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro does not really matter. It is about taking pride in what you do, and delivering real results. Alright now that I have you thinking positive about your performance, I want you to think about what drives you to perform at your best. Who are the people with the greatest influence in your life, and how do you feel when you are given advice about your career or performance by an outside party? Being receptive to information is good because it gives you a chance to become a better listener. No one likes a conversation hog who cant shut up long enough to offer someone else a courtesy to speak and be heard. Putting the advice into the context of your current circumstances and also taking a look at your life goals is the most beneficial approach to take when considering how any advise given can be useful and influential in your life.

A little consideration and caution toward the person who is being advised by someone who has not actively followed their own advice. Remember, a good leader is willing to follow through on request that are made to others. Keeping with the same idea, when giving advice make sure you have past that is modeled by a solid personal philosophy supported by experience. However, if the person in your ear is respected but known for taking shortcuts, the value of the advice given carries less weight. A situation like that would be totally uncomfortable. It's like telling someone to walk 10 miles, and there will be a pot of gold waiting for you at the finish line when you competed in that same race and you took a shortcut and got your pot early. Hypocritical attitudes should probably be ignored just because of the double standard that exist. Our expectations for others should also be expectations that we live by. The old saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks may be cliche, but just in case you find yourself in this situation, make sure to keep a lot of treats nearby.Then you can begin the training process.