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Abornewords Celebrations: Rapper Nice Gunz Gets A New Bonnie Named Mickey

January 1, 2018

Meet Mickey, the reason you want to know her is because she is that rebound broad that will not only be open to dating your rebound guy but she is the one who will also help him realize that there are larger and better fish in the sea than you. If you too have dated a guy or girl who recently ended a long term relationship, then you can relate to what starting fresh and mending a broken heart means.

That is just what New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz did when he met his new Bonnie with the nickname of Mickey. Yes, she is the broad featured on the popular Rap Song called Grindin' on the Triggerz Got No Heart Mixtape. Heartbreak is never easy to expereince, especially when it happens on the fly like it did when ex-girlfriend Alexis jumped ship and bailed out of town headed for the Longstar State. The "Ride For Me"song is Nice Gunz emotional reaction to the whole situation. In Ride For Me, the Rapper scolds Alexis for leaving him when he was down. I say good riddance and I applaud him for moving on. That's all. Kudos....


Abornewords Advice: Nox What You Think Like Dayna Bolden And Keep Improving Beyond Labels

December 24, 2017

A post shared by Noxzema (@noxzema) on

Are you called an overachiever or accused of having a type A or B personality? No matter what labels we are called or where we are in life, as far as our achievements, it is really about having a vision of where we want to be and continuing to reach for those goals. Understanding, we should constantly be trying to improve ourselves no matter where we are in life will help us to make even more progress. Being confident and comf...

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Abornewords Advice: Minister Rodell Phillips Preaches The Roof Off Mount Moriah Baptist Church In Pastor Woods Absence

December 12, 2017

Minister Phillips started his Sunday Sermon out in song, and everyone joined in raising their voices in high praise at Sunday Service and I was so pleased to be at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church when it all went down. Its an understatement to say, I was almost moved to tears as he used text from the book of Luke to deliver a message of hope throughout the congregation. He spoke of a woman who was afflicted with an ailment which caused her to be bent over and bound by her condition. Te...

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Abornewords Beauty: Invest In An IRA Or Splurge On Gucci Headbands

December 7, 2017

When I wrote about Gucci and how the mega brand collaborated with Fiat Cars, slapping their familiar green and red stripe on those cute little cars and on furniture too, I was super excited because of how Gucci was able to connect with consumers in different ways.

Recently, I happen to be browsing online and I noticed that Gucci had some pretty amazing headbands available for sale. Move over Capelli New York (available at Stein Mart) and make room for braided Gucci Headbands. I'm always l...

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Abornewords Executive Minds: Amy Cuddy Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are Ted Talk

November 21, 2017

Do you know a Social Psychologist who struggled with feeling like she belonged who actually became a Professor and used an experiment to determine if our body language has the power to shape who we are and how others see us? I do and when we met, it was the oddest interaction ever. Here is how it happened. My Insurance Training started out as usual with me getting settled in and prepared to listen and learn from my Trainer through verbal like lectures or reading course material aloud and non ...

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Abornewords Beauty: Shekinah Jo Beautiful Edges Or Smooth N Shine Polishing

November 18, 2017

It may be easy for some of you to jump all aboard when it comes to a Celebrity and a product choice that may seem to have value. As for me, I really try to keep my needs in mind when I am choosing products that work best for me and those will be the products I share with Abornewords Readers who trust and value my recommendations and the creative way I present the products I love. Shekinah Jo is a licensed professional who does hair and she created her Beautiful Edges some years ago and has si...

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Abornewords Beauty: Makeup Shayla's 14 Minute Video And Her Big Shot Pose

November 16, 2017

Photo Credit: Instagram

The buzz has been happening since early August and Makeup Shayla even posted a 14 minute video telling all about the mascaras and the mini eye palette baring her name. One of my favorite photos from the campaign is shown above. In it Makeup Shayla is wearing the Poppin Purple Mascara from the Colossal Big Shot Collection, a color that is likely to be my favorite since I love purple, just like Makeup Shayla. I tried the Boomin In Blue Mascara, another shade from the coll...

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