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Abornewords Advice: Take Advantage Of Cancelled Shows Like Job Or No Job (Real Estate Episode)

March 17, 2018

Times have changed so much and technology and the way we consumer it has evolved to a point where we have more resources available to us in the digital space to help us learn and grow as we continue on our personal and professional journeys. Even cancelled show like Job Or No Job can be beneficial but Reality Shows can b toxic and damaging if we are not careful. Advertisers, Writers and other creatives involved in the process will appreciate television and entertainment, especially when there is money to be made. I watch this Real Estate Episode using On Demand Television. In this episode Robert Morin travels from his home in Boca Raton to Los Angeles in hopes of landing a job in Real Estate. He is given an opportunity to interview with 3 prestigious businesses and with the help of Life Coach and Brand Expert Jane Buckingham, he just may land his dream job.

For advertisers and Television Networks, the value of making shows available after cancellation is beneficial to viewers who may have missed the season or never knew it existed so creating more exposure lets creativity live on and advertisements are helping brands get noticed too. Remember, just because a show is cancelled does not mean you can not benefit from the information being presented or shared in the digital space. Also, consider On Demand options with your Cable Company. You just may be surprised, the way you consume media just might change and provide you with even more viewing options. That's all. Kudos...


Abornewords Music: Rapper Ayo PrincezZ Feeling Myself Video And Somebody Else

March 7, 2018

Many have done it but Ayo does it for the hood just like her fans likes it because she is using smart marketing tactics in her song title, style choices and all the way up to the blue streak in her hair. Sure there are other songs entitled Feeling Myself and so many female Artist have followed Lil Kim's style too. That is why I am not surprised Ayo is wearing a Dark Tan Romper and matching her blue streak hair with her outfit which certainly makes me think of Lil Kim's 90's style in today's t...

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Abornewords Delicious: Ms Linda's YAKA Mein VS Ducks Eatery In New York

March 4, 2018

Not really sure if you are craving starches right now but i can not resist sharing Kelis' Coconut Jerk Purple Potato Reipe. If you want it, Lenny has the deets here. I would so love to go on bragging about Kelis' Life On A Plate and her famous Bounty & Full Sauces which are not available online at Walmart but I kind of got distracted and reminded of the good, savory flavor of Yaka Mein like my Brother use to make when he was home and free to roam and mingle.

Anyway, Zagat did an investigation ...

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Abornewords Travel: How To Save Money On Your Florida Vacation

March 3, 2018

There is so much advice on how to save money when you are ready for some R and R or quality time with family and friends. Getting a good price on an airline ticket is top on the list, when travel needs to be fast and efficient so using is my best advice, if you are not planning on driving across country and exploring good eats and all the scenic routes along the way, the best bit of advice I can give you for your Florida Vacations/staycations is, use the Florida Vacation Auct...

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Abornewords Politics: Trump Calls Oprah Insecure And We Reflected On Jazmine Sullivan

March 2, 2018

There are many ways that insecurities can surface in our lives and be noticeable to to those we interact with as we work, play and transact business on a day to day basis. Being to concerned about what others think of us or not thiking enough of ourselves can set us up for feeling and acting insecure.

It may not be easy to understand how someone can get to that place when its not you dealing with insecurity issues directly but when the POTUS (President Of The United States) accuses someone ...

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Abornewords Delicious: Food Aversions Will Still Happen After Baby Is Born

February 21, 2018

"Sending your partner out on a midnight ice cream run? Grabbing a jar of pickles for breakfast? Food cravings are so expected during pregnancy, they’re a familiar cliché. But what about food aversions? If you were expecting that you’d want to eat everything in sight while pregnant, then your sudden hatred of what used to be your favorite snack might take you by surprise".-----Healthline

After watching this Chex Mix Commercial, I started to think about Food Aversions which is a term I lea...

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Abornewords Entertainment: Should Co Anchor Hota Kotb Feel Like Monique Since She Did Not Get 5 Million Dollars

February 9, 2018

One of the greatest things I am amazed at concerning Hota Kotb, the new Co-Anchor of Today, is her ability to take on the challenge of a new high profile Professional Position (where she received media attention for being paid less than Matt Lauer) and still maintain a work /life balance while being Mommy, promoting her new children's book called I've Loved You Since Forever, and also remaining in her role with Katy Lee Gifford. I will be the first to tell you, a woman has to be driven to do...

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