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Abornewords Fashion: Super Model Naomi Campbell Says Check Your Lipstick LOL

March 23, 2017

With all the craziness going around, I had to share this very important information about lipstick. Keep reading, if you are anxious to find out why Naomi Campbell is recommending that we check our lipstick. British SuperModel Naomi Campbell is and has always been a true representation of beauty for women of color on and off the runway. The bronzed beauty was spotted recently at Milan Fashion Week, near the Versace runway, sitting ladylike wearing thigh high boots, past her knees, in full selfie mode.

Model Naomi Campbell (L) and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton attend the show fashion house Versace during the Women's Fall/Winter 2017/2018 fashion week in Milan, on February 23, 2017. / AFP / Miguel MEDINA

She advises, recommends, and warns "check your lipstick before you come and talk to me" in a very subtle manner in the gif below.


The image is a perfect way for her to poke fun at Covergirl's newest commercial which features Super Model, Molly Sims. Watch the commercial and you will surely laugh out loud! That's all. Kudos...


Abornewords Cars: Jim Cramer Says Consumer Spending Is Not Stalled And Here's What They Are Buying

March 18, 2017

According to Jim Cramer, Editor of The Street, its vital to be where the consumer is and despite the fact that many Media outlets seems to be reporting a stall in consumer spending, that is just not the case.

Cramer believes that money is circulating for entertainment and travel for Walt Disney and Carnival Cruises. In fact, Disney is creating awareness with The Magic Is Endless Sweepstakes and Celebrity Cruises are just as popular as a Vegas Showcase these days. Besides confirming that consu...

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Abornewords Entertainment: Ivanka Trump SNL Skit Shows Fake Fragrance LOL

March 14, 2017

The fact that Ivanka Trump is the but of jokes in a new SNL (Saturday Night Live) Skit should not be a surpirse to anyone who believes Ivanka Trump's support of her Father is wrong and down right malicious. Sounds kind of silly right? In the video below, you can observe how SNL is poking fun at the Fashion Mogul.

Grown ups can be just as ruthless as kids at teasing and making fun of people who have different values and views. That being said, SNL's comedic approach has been crazy ever since th...

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Abornewords Accessories: Live The Wonder With 2017 Mido Eyewear Exhibition

March 9, 2017

The MIDO Eyewear Exhibition was buzzing with two hashtags, #MIDO2017 and #LiveTheWonder. After 20 thousand post and a steady stream of trending topics, the MIDO Brand was getting lots of attention. If you are one to finish your look with a cool pair of frames because you actually wear spectacles then you are going to love looking at the photos included in this post. Then again, you could be one of the pretenders who wear frames for style and of course for reasons that have everything to do wi...

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Abornewords Beauty: Instagram Stargazing Massage Therapist and Entrepreneur Mrs. Tasha

March 9, 2017

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Abornewords Instagram Feed is loaded with Entrepreneurs who are about their business, so it's only right for us to share with you not only in hopes you will be inspired to continue to pursue your own endeavors but also to encourage you to support entrepreneurs by visiting their businesses when you travel or by shopping for products online. Mrs. Tasha is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the brains behind her Empire Fleur De Touch. She is using her magic hands to gro...

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Abornewords Beauty: How To Create Glittery Eyes For Parties And Night Life Too

March 6, 2017

Since I work a seasonal, contracted job for 6 months every year, I am working less and so pleased I have a little extra time to indulge in other things, until I am working full time again. What am I doing? Well stargazing the people and brands I follow and of course Blogging to create awareness. Duh, as if I had to share that right? Anyway, I introduced Exotic Dancer, Niya On Fire a couple of months ago and recently noticed a video tutorial that will help you to create glittery eyes like Niya...

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Abornewords Politics: Issues Of Importance To Convenience Stores Involving Flavored Tobacco and Debit Cards

February 24, 2017

Ben Affleck's early acting days caught our attention when the American Spirit Brand was being scrutinized for using questionable marketing language. We follow with news that could affect the availability of popular tobacco products like flavored cigars, since banning sales of flavored smoking products seems to be trending in some localities. The argument is, flavored tobacco products attract younger consumers and are a lure which entices them to smoke. Flavored tobacco products seem to be pop...

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