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Abornewords Books: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie On Feminism And Thoughts On Childish Gambinos Viral Video

May 11, 2018

(L to R) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Oprah

In an interview conducted by Rich Fahle, after Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (CNA) released her latest book, the Author helped me to make the connection between her ideas of feminism and a topic Blogger and Model, Leah Vernon asked her followers to weigh in on. For now, I digress elaborating on the specific topic, in order to share more about her interview and ideas of feminism. "We Should All Be Feminist" said Adichie. Highlighting that feminism should involve men also helped me to realize the magnitude male support can have on the movement and it is easy to understand that women should not be the only voices rallying the cause. Refusing to be bound is how the Author describes her Grandmother and her vision of feminism calls on words and actions that are disruptive and loud, inclusive of disagreements. Like feminism, racism, violence and inequality create a political tug-a-war and are often shared in the news by media powers daily. Those issues are likely happening in our environment to someone in someplace everyday.

Those ideas are a perfect segway to more on Blogger and Model Leah Vernons request to her followers. The request? Weigh in on Childish Gambinos video for This Is America. Yes, it is trending and it did go viral so it warrants a discussion. Here it is. Though I have only heard of its impact via a CBS News Segment, my understanding immediately shifted away from focusing on inequality, violence, and racism. My personal and professional experience has taught me, I must be humble and that attribute requires a certain level of tolerance and patience, especially if I am to embrace it properly. I realize, I do not have to be first, be the loudest or be given any authority by someone else to have an impact. I can contribute, share and I still have a purpose, even if I am last and have less.

My title or skin color does not make me equal or more entitled. With those ideas in mind, I also understand, I do not always have to be assertive and not being assertive does not mean I am a doormat. There is chaos in our world, affecting all of us in different ways and we should not need a video to remind us of whats happening around us. Still, having it may help us to reflect a lot more attentively. By watching the news, videos, and also realizing our political tug-a-wars, we can keep talking while staying engaged in some way. "This Is America" makes me appreciate Childish Gambino's art and mode of expression and I choose to let that be my focus more than the political tug-a-wars that divide us. You can watch Chimamanda's Interview here, if you are interested. 

That's all. Kudos....

Photo Credit: Instagram


Abornewords Technology: Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner As Seen On TV

May 6, 2018

I knew we had a cool Home Department at Stein Mart where I work but I did not ever expect us to get cleaning technology like Angry Mama! Not only is the price right but after 7 minutes the brand promises you a cleaner microwave.

With so many new brands being introduced on the market, there is so much competition for brands that are household names to either release new products or reinvent themselves. One new product that is making it easier for Moms, maids, anyone doing chores is Angry Mama. ...

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Abornewords Movies: Why The Hashtag Representation Matters Gets Attention

April 27, 2018

Shadow & Act Contributor, Tonja Renee Stidhum seems to be yearning for more representation for little Black Girls. Representation Matters is a hashtag that was recently discussed on the Identity Politics Podcast before Fashion Blogger Leah Vernon came on for a discussion and the talking point really got my attention. My understanding is, the hashtag is used to refer to the rarity of seeing Black Actors and Actresses on screen, not only the Big Screen but the small one too. The hashtag #Repres...

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Lady Dahlia Presents Cypher 6 Featuring The Project Barbie And More

April 27, 2018

Lady Dahlia's Rap flow is usually on some fast flow ish so you really have to listen up. In this Cypher shares bars along with Project Barbie and other Female Rappers you may know from New Orleans. All of these ladies have worked hard to continue to build their brands and tell stories that many fans may relate to. Dahlia continues to put out that good music and there is always something to like amid her list of tracks. Though Butterflies is one of my favorites from her Flavors Still Dripping ...

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Suits And Ties That Dated Naomi Campbell

April 17, 2018

Naomi Campbell has always been incredibly beautiful and her accent adds to her appeal with men. This video showing off 25 Men who dated this Super Model proves that finding Mr. Right for Celebrities may be just as hard as the dating game is for us regular folks. British GQ shared Campbell recently with a very handsome Male Model and she explained in her own way that there must be methods behind her means. Naomi Campbell is proud of her Charity work with her Relief For Haiti efforts.

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Abornewords Delicious: Kelis Demonstrates How To Make Mac & Cheese Without The Chemicals

April 4, 2018

According to Roni Caryn Rabin, chemicals called phthalates migrate their way into the powdered cheese from the package and equipment used during manufacturing. Mom's beware! You, hubby, the kids and Granny may be in danger of consuming these chemicals so my advice is to do hat Chef Kelis is doing and use shredded cheese to reduce the risk of exposure. If the warning label disclosing the risk of cancer on cigarette packages can not scare smokers into quitting that nasty habit, I am sure the fa...

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Abornewords Travel: How Resort Fees Are Steering Consumers To Airbnb

March 25, 2018
What Is Airbnb?

“Airbnb is an American Company which operates an online Marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging including holiday cottages, apartments homestays, hostel beds”

Though the creativity of Lauren Wolfe, Founder of Kill Resort Fees may be genius in that she used a bad experience and the unanticipated charges she incurred to create a talking point to warn others about unfair charges associated with Hotel and Resort stays, her actions may b...

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