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Abornewords Fashion: Allure Picks The Best In Male Beauty & The Real Blueprint Consist Of The Bow Tie, The Shoes, And A Fragrance

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, September 27, 2014, In : Fashion 

For guys there are some number 1 picks that should never be excluded from style choices. Getting decked out in a suit and adding in the necessities like a bow tie, a good cologne and a nice pair of shoes is the way to ensure the mirror reflects the total package. For purposes of simplicity, this fashion blueprint does not include the suit. However, since skincare should be an integral part of any routine, we will share a slideshow of Allure Magazine's Best Picks For Men.

Allures Best In Beaut...

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Gifts Speak For Themselves: Here's How A Few Measure Up

Posted by Nicole K. Phillips on Thursday, August 23, 2012, In : Beauty 

Ever struggled with gift ideas and could not figure out what to pair with that item that seemed like it just was not enough to give? Well, this post is dedicated to your indecisive tendency in the name of purple, with a theme of I love you written all over the thought. Yes, the thought does count and spending a bundle is not necessary. Here are some ideas that will make up the other half of gift. Before we spill the information on the products that would absolutely go good together, in any g...

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Baskin Robbins: Cool Treats For Men In Black 3

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, In : Desserts 

Baskin Robbins store banner

Baskin Robbins is helping to make the Theater Debut of Men In Black 3 more special. The company has been providing some of the best sweet treats since it was founded in 1945. Baskin Robbins has created what is being called an Out of this World Menu. The creations are to correlate with the movies 3 space theme. Here is one of the 3 sweet treats that you want to ask for when you visit your Baskin Robbins Specialty Ice Cream Shop for a banging desert.

  •   Pink Surprise Cake 
  • a triple layer ice ...

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The Mentally Challenged In Love

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, November 20, 2011, In : Health 

Lifestyles of the rich and famous may interest you if you are into the glitz and glam of the boomerang lifestyle. The fast lane living and expensive toys are the surface goodies that often make our eyes pop. Who can help but look right? That very lifestyle has many average citizens questioning their decisions in love too. For the stars relationships sometimes end before they have a chance to develop. Saying I do and making it last seems rash if you consider many celebrity marriages that end s...

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