Today's very digital world is one filled with lots of resources and our Library Systems are changing to keep up with the pace, offering more ways for us to stay engaged with the entertainment we love. If you have not started using streaming sticks like Roku or the Fire Stick, you can probably stream your favorite content right as your local public library. All this technology can seem a little overwhelming and opting for a streaming service like I did may be a great place to start, if you are still using a tube television set like me. Don't laugh, no I have not upgraded my television yet, so I'm using my laptop to stream. I didn't start out with a Tidal Subscription

Streaming Services like Tidal and The Urban Movie Channel are trending right now, in the African American Comunity and Hip Hop Community at Large. Still, I also like taking advantage of resources available to me at my local Libraries. I will never forget when my Daddy took me to the Public Library, here in Florida, so that I could get a Library Card. I had never been to a Public Library before with either of my Parents. My experience with Libraries happened when I was attending Grade School so imagine the wonder and how big my eyes got, after I saw my name on a Library Card. I will never forget the feeling I had; it was like the whole world opened up to me and there was something new and fresh for me to explore. The beauty of my local Library here in Florida with the open pier, water, boats sailing, Seagulls, and fish jumping out of the water while the sun shines down on the Indian River is something that enhanced the experience. Seeing that and comparing it to what I saw everyday at home, in New Orleans, was totally different.

Maybe you have had your own moments like that too. The point is, Libraries offer so much more than books these days so if you can not stream at home, then go to your Public Library and stream away or just check out some of your favorite movies and music and enjoy them for a few days. Then enjoy more and more! You get it right? It is vital to equip yourself and your kids with Library Cards.

Brevard County Libraries are getting very creative and clever, as far as collecting overdue debt goes. Instead of taking away a patrons ability to check out material until fees fall below $10 or some other monetary point, they are allowing Library Card Holders to check out material, as long as a payment is made at the time of check out. Since I am a Blogger and I love having access to resources that will assist me in creating the best content and commentary possible, I feel like this new policy is a Godsend. Yes, that means I do have some outstanding fees to take care of. Don't judge. Anyway, the first movies I checked out after I made my first couple of payments were Disney's "Into The Woods" and Whiplash (smile). Those are two movies I had been wanting to see for quite some time. They might not make you swoon unless of course, you are pining over your favorite Actors/Actresses who are performing at top level but you will definitely enjoy them and maybe see quite a few teachable moments in the scenes, as they play out. Seeing those movies brought back many good memories, stirring up the type of creative spirit and imagination I had growing through the different Stages of Development. It created a nostalgia for good stories and story telling. I guess that is because of the Author inside of me fighting to get out, to share and inform, like I just did.

Do you and your kids have Library Cards?

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