Is it true that "most of the marketing promotions....don't deliver anything of interest" The failure, according to information contained in the March Issue of Website Magazine, is the result of self sabotage because data is not used properly. For Marketers, the approach may be all about data and analytics but for influencers like Xilla Valentine whose interviewing Celebrities, Blogging, and doing stand up, its about performance and knowing what to do to stay connected to his fanbase.

Here is a few different sides of the Xilla Charm shown in a few visuals circulating in the Cyberspace.

Serious Xilla

Funny Xilla

Mysterious Xilla

Romantic Xilla

The good news is, there is nothing wrong with using data and analytics but you have to connect to the people so that you can be an effective influencer. That is when marketing can happen at its best. That's all.