Credit: Hip-Hop Dx

Jay Z often reminds us in his music and also in many interviews that his life story has been a journey filled with sin, change, and lots of blessings. Most recently, we shared his opinionated vocals in a New York Times an Artistic Video and it is obvious that Jay Z is becoming more vocal about issues affecting Black Men who more often fall victim to police brutality and longer prison sentences than white males.

Rumors keep swirling about Jay Z responding to Beyonces's Lemonade Becky references likely because everyone wants to hear from the mogul Rapper outside of Tidal. While the thought of Jay Z giving us is side of the story like he did when he collaborated with Justin Timberlake, on Holy Grail, sounds as good as a Jayonce collaboration, the fact that he is finding new ways to share his voice and create change is something that should take first place. There will always be time for music and he is showing us that his brand can be used creatively in lots of other ways. The focus on bringing a docuseries to the masses about Kalief Browder, an inmate who was held in solitary confinement at Rikers, after being accused of stealing a backpack is a good follow up from his very candid reveal of the contrast between whites and blacks surrounding drugs and penalties. Browders story ended tragically and has caught the attention of Jay Z who has teamed up with Weinstein Company and Spike TV, announcing their new endeavor.