You can call it A Cookout, party, or a family & friends social. Planning these events with a theme is usually the way to go. A color, design, or character theme will work. Starting with the basics will make the rest of the process much easier. To begin,choose table linens, napkins, and dinnerware should be the priority for events. Since Memorial day is almost here, I would like to encourage you to check out how we red, white, and blue at Stein Mart.

Recently, we used Twitter to ask you to choose between our Sweet Stripes and Blossom Collections, both included in our Summer Home Event Catalog. I participated and picked The Blossom Collection. All the colors and patterns in it made my decision a no-brainer. Though, I live in Florida, The Sunshine State, we do get quite a few cold days and during those times, I may choose color schemes that are a little more toned down and earthy but in summer bright colors that blossom are more appropriate. If you suffer with insomia, you might want to rethink yours choices though but I digress. On bedding, that's not all either! Just the same as you theme create your events, you can do the same with your bedding, in your home. Guys hopefully this will help you think outside of the box too! Our Stars and stripes comforters, quilts, Americana decorative pillows, and more are the way to go. You can really make a statement using these, all year long. Good Home Decor can really improve your well-being.

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