There may have been lot's of good food on the menu but it was all about Sam Smith and Ciroc at The GQ Of The Year Awards Celebration. Right now, you might want to forget about Vogue's Fashion Night Out and focus on Sam Smith and Ciroc for a few minutes. Look at this photo and you will agree with me in saying that the night belonged to the man (Sam Smith) and the brand (Ciroc).

Upon his arrival, he stepped out sharp fro the back seat of his chaffeur driven vehicle. He look ever ready, almost anxious for his moment in the spot light. Dressed in formal black tie attire he owned the night and seemed to be enjoying himself.

With the Ciroc brand name everywhere, the Singers image look so much more grand in the glittering lights. The Stay With Me Singer looked thrilled by all the glitz and glamour of it all. Smith even cheesed it up for the camera, showing off his pearly whites.

Diddy did not even need to be shown in any of Sam Smith's photos but I bet quite a few people thought about him at least once that glorious night. Ciroc is quickly becoming a part of Hip-Hop Culture and the Music Industry in general. Would you play Sam Smith and serve up Ciroc at your event? I know I would.

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