Recently across the United States the Cold Weather has been showing its frozen face and creating brrrrrrrrr.

Here in Florida, bringing the jackets out for temperatures below 60 degrees is common, especially since Floridas Climate is usually warm more than extremely cold like New York's Climate.

When the Wool Duffle Coats and Quilted Jackets come out you might want to bring out your windproof pants to match. Thier a perfect defense for cold weather reaching 32 degrees, the freezing point.

You can find them in cool colors like olive green, black and khaki and the roomy zippered pockets are just a tip of the iceberg. You find banded ankle designs of some of the best designs, including drawstrings to seal out cold air. Adjust for comfort and you are ready to go. A Polar Fleece Lining means you have to brrrrr no more.

For shoes, my suggestion is to go with the spiked sneaker/animal print trends. I saw Rapper 50 Cent wear the Spiked Sneaker Look and my Son has rocked the Animal Print Look and I love them both. Here is a visual that might get you ready to buy in on Windproof Cargo Pants and a mean sneaker.