Yes, we heard about Kanye and Kim being a part of the 2015 Love Themed Spring Campaign for Balmain. Well, that may be a major score and something that over shadows New Years for some fans. That's okay too.

Except what I am thinking about is most when I look at my favorite picture from the ad is a good comfortable pair of shoes. My 22 year old Son may not be a High Fashion Designer but he can dress, knows fabric cuts, shirt details, and how to measure clients for customer made suits. Since he owns quite a few Custom Made Suits, I trust his taste when it comes to shoes too. Before I show you a perfect pair of Stacy Adams Shoes, I will share the photo that kind of helped made these loafer style Stacy Adams shoes even more fabulous.

On Abornewords, we think that is Celebrity Cool but so typical for those two. Here, we are marveling at whats down below. Thanks to my Son, who is very fashion forward, we have these to show you.

One great thing about these Quinton Black Stacy Adams Shoes is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. I've seen him wear these with slacks, dress shirts, and sweaters (argyle and solid). My favorite look is argyle because they are more preppy and remind me of my early days in High School when I attended Warren Easton, in New Orleans. Most of the guys dressed very preppy. His very cool touch is to add in a bow tie. I have also seen him wear those shoes with a Suit Jacket, vest and a tie showing off a Windsor Knot. He purchased his first pair on sale at JC Penny's our favorite Department Store and liked them so much that he bought two more pairs online.

Kanye and Kim's Balmain Ad is cool but so are Stacy Adams Shoes.

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