Yes, I grew up being sort of tomboyish, to keep up with my Brothers and be a part of their world. They would strip my dolls naked and break off their heads, arms, and legs. All done to discourage me from wanting to play tag football and participate in shooting marbles and spinning tops. On those rare occasions when we did get to go outside, they did not want me included in their play time but I was a trooper and didn't tire easily. I guess many of you knew girls like me growing up too, ones who were not defined by ordinary gender roles. Fashion can be pretty fun, if you don't get caught up in gender roles, especially for women. Remember, Beyoncé in her Upgrade You Video? She was wearing Jay Z's button up. The ASOS Bomber Jacket you see above is a unisex choice for sure. I'm sure you can find a similar style at Stein Mart or your favorite Department Store. It comes highly recommended by Ari Fitz, Founder of Tomboyish.

Streetware and Streetstyle is one thing that helps Singer Rhianna shine, in her outfits.

We don't have to be a huge fan of someone to give them props for killing it with apparel. Compliments should not be selective right? Clothing can help all of us slay with our looks and create instagrammable looks too. The ASOS Olive Bomber Jacket makes creating a Tomboy look easy. Female Rappers, and all other tomboys at heart, might want to try one on for size. Remember too remove the hood, to make it more versatile for your styling needs.