"Beauty knows no boundaries" is how the saying goes and to me that means products made for men should get just as much attention as those made for women and they are.

When Becky Quick broke the news about The Bevel Shaving System which was designed for men of color, to help them alleviate those unwanted outbreaks of razor bumps, I thought, how innovative and wonderful because Tristan Walker, a Black Man, had actually decided to create this shaving system to help solve a problem. The Stanford Graduate created Walker and Company with The Bevel Shaving System being "the first of many more products", said Walker, to be released by the company.

Imagine how excited I was to also read about a new deodorant innovation called Clickstick, a Smart Eco Friendly Deordorant which launched on the Kickstarter Website and is designed to dispense an exact amount of deordorant using a mobile app. The product received over 65,000 dollars, exceeding its goal of 55,000. Princeton Graduates Gilad Arwatz and Carla Bahri teamed up to bring this product to the masses. Though women may find this deodorant useful because of its green status, men will probably be more attracted to it because of the highly technical nature of the design. Afterall it does operate and dispense applications using a mobile app and it can be refilled. We realize that startups are not easy and getting products to market could sometimes prove challenging so we recommend that you consider researching Lightening Launch for assistance.

Which one of these products will be more useful for you, The Bevel Shaving System or The Clickstick Deordorant?

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