Women and guys alike appreciate BlogXilla's G-Code shares on love and relationships. His blunt responses are sometimes just what we need to hear, in order to gain a deeper understanding on issues that challenge the harmony of our relationships. If you are missing BlogXilla's (Married 2 The Blog) Entries, he is not gone, he just may be a little bit busier these days building his Cult Life Empire or focusing on getting fashion nods. Look at BlogXilla in his Cult Life Snapback and his Nasty Tee.

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BlogXilla is using his babyface personality, along with an optimistic message, "Making a better life for yourself and the people around you" to draw fans and followers in. Questioning whether BlogXilla's message is right for you? You have to define what you want for yourself. What's important is, the image, the message you put out into society. You can't expect people to believe in you, if all they get from you is hurt and negative energy.

Are you trying to help others see a better day by showing off your compassion with actions that line up with ideas of changing conditions? If not then, you should try to be more like BlogXilla. Getting others to share in your vision is the next step after you have found your voice and figured out what you believe in. There is nothing wrong with gravitating toward the people who you most relate to. Although BlogXilla is not promoting an association with any particular denomination, he is still actively promoting ideas of affiliation with a healthy mindset. Get on board with him or start your own mission to initiate change in some way. Happy Father Day to all of our readers, who are great Dads!Oh and just in case you are wondering why Xilla is wearing that Nasty Tee, we will not be sharing that with you today. We prefer to let you dream up some crazy reason for yourself. After all, we don't believe in spoiling the fun of promoting great imaginations. Are you doing great things to inspire others? Tell us about them in the comment section or share with us on Facebook.

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