BTY Young'N started with a champagne celebration, after his incarceration ended. Then, he began to make teaser videos, freestyling and reminded everyone that his CD called Feed Up was on the way.

Ryda Muzik Label Mate, Nice Gunz confirmed recently that the highly anticipated CD is finally here by sending out notice by way of Social Media. Nice Gunz appeared in BTY Young'N's Music Video with the Feed Up Rappers Entourage. The two New Orleans Rappers have been doing shows every chance they get and are scheduled for a show at The Carter Theater this weekend. New Orleans and the surrounding area, get ready! Music has given these young and upcoming Rap Artist a way to express mad love so go out and support them and help make their dreams come true. It's not only a dream; this is real life and they still chilling and laid back!

Nice Gunz & BTY Young'N on stage

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