When we first shared the national news story on teenager Chase Reed, the youngster who opened the very first Sneaker Pawn Shop, we did not realize that he was not 14 years old anymore. He was 14 when the business actually launched . According to some reports, Reed is actually 16 years old and we apologize for the mistake. We like to keep our facts accurate and we think we got it right this time.

Chase Reed just celebrated a birthday too and we were able to get a picture of the celebration from his Facebook Page.

Reed seems to be all about business as he celebrated his birthday in his Sneaker Pawn Shop with family and friends. He also pulled off a Launch Party this past weekend for the Snow White Yeezy and the Brooklyn Zoo 2's Sneakers, and to top all of that off, he met Kanye West. Here is the picture.

If you are into sneakers too, you might want to check out how Chase Reed "obeys his thirst"You will probably be a little more inspired to pursue your own dreams and remember you do not have to live in New York to be inspired. Tell us how you obey your thirst.

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