Kanye West was man enough to show off his fashion passion by geeing up Scottland Style, wearing a kilt on stage. Females appreciated his bold move and only thought Mekhi Phifer thoughts of the Bound 2 Rapper. We don't know if Kanye acted on a dare or if he was seeking to get media attention when he kilted up. We do know that he goes hard for his fans and the people he loves. Our only choice here at Abornewords is to blame his passion for fashion on his dedication to his Rap Profession. Who has the skills to compete with Kanye? Well, we will just have to show you at least one of our picks.

Chef G. Garvin

Yes, you are seeing correctly. It's famed Chef G. Garvin looking fabulous. His skills are not the only reason that we believe he measures up nicely. The fact that he is man enough to wear an apron means he's a real boss. His cooking skills, personality, and look give him the edge he needs to distinguish himself from other Chef's in the Culinary Industry. Chef's are able to go head to head with Rappers on any day. Instead of a microphone G. Garvin is armed with a Silver Cooking Spoon.

The saying goes "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach" Well, we will just have to 360 that and add in the wo for woman.

Check out G. Garvin in Action with his Recipe 

It's pretty clear that this Southern Cooking Genius is skilled enough to not only reform his life (a former inmate). He is now taking everyone on a journey on the trail leading to some of the best Southern Cuisine. The show, Road Trip with G. Garvin airs on the Cooking Channel. Garvin has recently opened a Low Country Restaurant located in the Atlanta Airport, a very commercial looking locale. Competition is very thick in the Atlanta Airport for Food Establishments. The only words I can think of right now is tasty, judging from some of Garvins Recipes, we can safely say, apron or not, the kitchen is his stage.

Something Other Than Food

Check out Jordan Dunn, who has a regular feature spot on Life & Times. She's not cooking though, and she is wearing purity colors and Calvin Klein.