I don't know if this will shake up the Rap Game but it just might spark lots of competitive exchanges. Kash Santana sent me a little motivation (as he called it) and I must admit, it caught my attention. Besides the name "Nice", the compostion of the music has the sound of a number one record. The New Orleans style is all up and through it. Listen to Kash Santana and tell us what you think.

Kash Santana seems to be taking a page out of the Nice Gunz playbook and a few other Rappers who have included the names of other Artist in their songs. Nice Gunz included a song entitled "Feeling Like Boosie" on his Triggerz Got No Heart Mixtape. Here are a few others worth mentioning. 

  • Jay Z - (Jay Z Blue)
  • Keisha Cole - Rick James
  • Jay Z and Kanye West - Otis

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