Gone are the days when we only picture a man reclining with slippers and a dog at this feet. The new, modern man has things to do and dogs have some competition from a less animated friend, the Technical Backpack.

Choices are what you may call unlimited, considering what's on the market for the the taking but Targus and Swiss Gear styles rank high on the list of options. Before you head out to Best Buy and sort through the pickings, here are a few high profile guys who make carrying backpacks/man bags look good.

Kanye's Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Bespoke Backpack is more formal than casual - Credit: The Purse Blog

Ryan Gosling in perfect body alignment - Credit: EOnline

Usher makes being chauffeured look good with a Louis Vuitton hanging from one shoulder - Credit: Romina Chelsea Blogspot

Technical Backpacks may not be as luxurious as the brands shown in these pictures. They might not even be your first pick over a wallet either. However, they can be a welcome visual for Moms, Girlfriends, and children though. Just think, the eager anticipation starts when everyone sees you coming home or over for a visit carrying one and it doesn't end until everyone knows what you have brought home. Usually, there is something special in there for the kids or eager partners. Whatever the case may be, it is much more fun than petting a guys dog everytime. Boredom is bound to set in, after you and the kids greet Rover on a regular basis.

It may seem silly to compare the companionship of a dog to the likeness of a Technical Backpack and calling it a new best friend may just be taking it a bit to far. That's why we will offer a little redemption for dogs, in our final statements.

We all can continue to celebrate the joys of pet ownership by sharing great books. I recommend "lessons in balance", a book showing off photography of Scout the Pit bull who balances all kinds of stuff on his head. He even has his own Tumblr Blog called Stuff on Scouts Head.