Kevin Hart did his acting thing in The Wedding Ringer and many of us went out to support him or maybe we are planning to just buy the DVD when it arrives in Best Buy Stores. Whatever the case, his role for hire has him playing best friend/best man to a groom in need of a ring man. I'm sure the laughs will keep coming in this one. Until then, we have another movie, "With This Ring", a made for TV Romantic creation that is sure to draw you in and make you root for love.

Unlike The Wedding Ringer, the male cast starring in "With This Ring" are up for more challenging roles, all centered around the vows of a few single ladies, one being Raptress Eve Jeffers Cooper. The end goal for the females is to get the men in their lives to put a ring on it.

Here are the guys that star in this Lifetime Movie.

Meet Brian J. White ____ starring in a play written by David E. Talbert

Meet Stephen Bishop, talking women and Being Mary Jane

Meet Deion Sanders and the rest of his family_____ Deions Family Playbook is part OWN Networks Programming

Meet Jason George and a look at a scene from "With This Ring" including Singer/Actress Jill Scott

Brain J. White and Deion Sanders are two very familiar faces of the group. White is making quite a name for himself in Hollywood and Deion Sanders, the Sportsman, having a career in the NFL and then landing a Reality Show on The OWN Network. Jason George is someone we are use to seeing a lot of on screen, so expect to really enjoy him in his Doctors Scrubs in "With This Ring. Stephen Bishop and his handsome persona won us over in Being Mary Jane. Above, his words cement fan love in, as he speaks openly and candidly about women and Gabrielle Union's character Mary Jane.

Which one of these guys are your favorite? We would love to read your thoughts on "With This Ring". Share and share alike in our comment section. "With This Ring is a Lifetime Movie, if you missed the premiere, now you know why you should watch. These guys are ultra talented.

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