Mike Tyson attends Animal Planet's "Taking On Tyson" Premiere Party at the Gansevoort Park Avenue on March 2, 2011 in New York City. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris for Discovery Communiations

The idea that Tyson is using his fame and athleticism in film does not surprise me. He is still super famous and now he is making a transition from boxing to Martial Arts, in the third installment of the Ip Man Series. Though he has received recognition for reviving his career since he appeared in his own animated cartoon Series called Mike Tyson Mysteries. George Foreman became a household name after he released his George Foreman Grill, taking his fame and brand to a new level. Mike Tyson is doing the same thing with his fame and brand, as enters the world of film and television to engage new fans. The cartoon alone is bound to peak the interest of many young people, securing his legacy. Some of you may even remember when Taking On Tyson aired on Animal Planet. Tyson is doing everything he can to make sure that his legacy stays alive. At Best Buy, The Tyson Documentary detailing his life and career is available, including commentary and interviews and lots of other footage, to help fans learn more about his lifestyle and his journey to fame and fortune.

Fans of The Cartoon Series Mike Tyson Mysteries, can watch Tyson (his adopted Daugther and a very funny bird) solve mysteries on their PS3 and Xbox.  Mike Tyson is in China doing lots of photo shoots, reported Shadow & Act. The move to Martial Arts seems to be a pattern for the Boxing Champ, as Tyson will co-star in Gates Of The Sun, a film from French Director Jean-Marc Mineo.

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Source: Shadow & Act