ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 09: Steve Harvey attends the 2014 Ford Neighborhood Awards Hosted By Steve Harvey at Phillips Arena on August 9, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Ford Neighborhood Awards)

Steve Harvey and Produceer Rushion McDonald partnered up to create the Neighborhood Awards (Formerly known as The Hoodie Awards) to celebrate and honor men and women who were making an impact in their communities. Although this is a 4 day Event, the Neighborhood Award Ceremony will commence on Saturday August 8th and Steve Harvey will serve as Host, according to Yes Lord Radio. Highlights of the four day Event, in Atlanta, Georgia are: The Act Like A Success Seminar, Family Feud Live Event (Friday August 7th, Presented by Ford) and The Film and Television Screenings.

Award Categories Are As Follows:

  • Best High School Coach
  • Best Nail Shop
  • Best School Teacher
  • Best Place
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Community Leader

This event sounds like fun and I'm sure it will not break the bank so grab your wallets and Purses and go out and support. Paying is easy when you consider Steve's Success. This type of event helps with Social Responsibility. For more details go here

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