Most people who consider themselves a part of Hip-Hop Culture can appreciate House Parties like the ones that took place in the House Party Movie, remember the high top fades that seem to grow like pinnochos nose. Parties have always been a way to connect people and music and the Block Parties were how the best DJ's brought crowds together to enjoy themselves, make love connections and the courtyards often mimcked the hippie scene of the 70's and everyone was just free drink, smoke green and just live. As long as gunfire didn't breakout in my old neighborhood, things were usually good and everyone enjoyed the latest music and went home safe with lots to talk about, including music.

I have a song by Calliope Var on replay in my Soundcloud Account because its so good and representative of the times like I described above. The lyrics connect us to the image above and the message is clear. We may not always start off exactly where we want to be but its good to show support. You never know where grinding can take you. Jay Z was able to take to use his lyrical skills to improve his life and wealth.

"Then I showed up in that dubbed out buggy, And then they got fussy and they don't remember that, And I don't remember you" -Jay Z Lyrics from Song Cry

Enjoy the song.



Photo Credit: Instagram