Will Donald Trump and his little rascal charm tower past all the drama and land in the White House for 4 or more years like Obama did? Read on and you decide.

Don't be sad if you are a Donald Trump supporter. We shared our love for Donald Trumps outspoken verbage too. There is something about the way he connects us in the middle. Then, we think good thoughts and it hides all faults. That is until we see drama like this unfolding in the media.  Besides having a way with people, Donald can sometimes quack at people the wrong way. Hip-Hop's Atlanta Rapper TI did more than flip a bird at Trump. Watch and listen here and if that wasn't enough, this is a bit more of Donald's quacking aimed toward a Black female and a group whom some are calling Black Life Matters Protesters. Watch here for the news scoop.

The Time Magazine Cover, including Donald Trumps face, appeared on Xilla Valentines Instagram Page and I had to see it up close and personal so I went to Publix Supermarket For a closer look.  When I saw it, I thought unbelieveable, until this comic illustration on Shaun Kings Page came to my attention.  Look y'all and you may feel someone went to far.

The list of drama seems to go on and on. However his Celebrity is getting him further and it's actually making him more commercial. In spite of all the controversy, Trump will soon be one part of the Scandal Political Fabric. Read more about it on Global Grind. If you are longing to read something positive besides our support for his outspoken attitude and easy way to connect us in the middle, he does have a coloring book out. Lol. That's all.