People appreciate a good story, especially when the storyline is something they can relate to or apply to their life to make it better in some way, increasing wellbeing. Watch and listen below, as Rapper Jay Z gives us the real.

I can relate to Jay Z not just because I love Rap Music but because he grew up and came of age, living in a housing project just like I did. Though our stories may be playing out differently, I love him as a person and respect his "murder everything moving mentality". Those very lyrics are included on his Hard Knock Life song. They came to me after I listened to D'Evils and did a little research on the Brooklyn Rapper. The video shows a true contrast, artistically drawn out, between the races and what has definitely turned into a disproportionate rate of Black and Latino males being incarcerated versus whites who may have had a very different experience with Law Enforcement and our Criminal Justice System. Certainly, the video shows what many Blacks will describe as a White vs Black Experience, as far as drugs, penalties, and incarceration goes. The War On Drugs may not seem real or fair but it exist and needs to be addressed just like the racial profiling and the unfair shootings involving Police Officers and Black Men who are often unarmed and not dangerous.

The video has the power to start conversations so that we can open our minds and change our times. Please share.