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If you ever wanted proof on how famous Jay Z is, hear it for yourself! How you ask? Well, Professional Voice Artist are narrating news from the Brooklyn Rapper. You would have to be living under a rock or totally out of touch with Pop Culture to miss the news and headlines about Jay Z calling Kalief Browder a Prophet. Read with your ears and listen to The Podcast from a Huff Post Black Voices Spoken Edition in iTunes. The Podcast which segued from Kalief Browder's untimely death to the story of Rikers Island Prison closing is very telling. Although, all the details about how the whole process will unfold have not been released, Jay Z has everyone paying attention.

To date, there is talk about reducing the population gradually. For example, reducing the population from 10,000 to 5,000 and moving inmates who are housed at Rikers to smaller jails. That is the meat of the story released by Huff Post Black Voices Spoken Edition. According to the Huff Post Podcast, as inmates are moved out, the prison will eventually close completely in about 10 years.

Watch the documentary here. That's all. Kudos...

Source: Huff Post Black Voices Podcast
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