For Rapper Nice Gunz and Rapper Kaotik its all about the grind, making music and living life. Nice Gunz just released a new song called Hard Life and Kaotik a video called All A Dream. The two present a great contrast to contemplate. While Nice Gunz is keeping it real by including real life lyrics in his songs, detailing struggles and his determination to make his audience really feel his words, he wants to connect, he wants to acheive fame and fortune or what some may call the fruits of his labor. We believe he can do it if he continues to go ham ( a brief tribute to American Gangster Rapper Jay Z) referring to the way his Rap Verse flows on the "Dogs For Life", DMX beat he seemingly smashes. Using the beat is another way he honors the Rapper who made barking on a track popular. Now scheduled to release his second (untitled) mix tape, we can not wait to hear the finished product.

In difference to Nice Gunz who details certain aspects of his current and past life struggles, Kaotik's All A Dream Video finds him dreaming of a luxury purchase, a mansion. The video offers a level of comedy, one you will easily recognize if you have ever played the finger pointing game in the back seat of your parents car, claiming homes and cars as your own. Before nodding off he plays the pointing game well, claiming that's me one day, referring to a big house he passes as he sits in the back seat of his chauffeured ride. Enjoy Hard Life if you happen to have missed Nice Gunz go ham. Then check out the video of Kaotik below. While Rapper Kaotik is really contemplating college, (according to some tweets he exchanged with a few of his followers). Again, enjoy how he takes us all back to our school days.

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