GQ Of The Year Awards was enough to make me covet a recipe on the United Healthcare Website for a Fruit punch beverage that included all the right flavors (add vodka for adults) A good drink can be refreshing and also a great way to celebrate. We are all celbrating Nice Gunz and not just because he is man enough to hold onto his dream of making music.

(L-R) New Orleans Rappers, Nice Gunz, BTY Young'N

Yes Family and friends are relieved that the case against the "In The Ghetto" Rapper has been dismissed. Nice Gunz is now concentrating on building stacks by working hard so that he can continue to invest in his career in music.

Besides being concerned about filling his money clip, he continues to focus on maintaining a relationship with his Daddy who is serving a life sentence in Angola (Louisiana State Prison). Recently an image of his Daddy standing on the yard surfaced on his Instagram Page. Music Manager Geedy P decides which images make the page. Thank goodness he realizes how important it is to share images like the ones you see in this post. If you are even a little bit curious about the Sparkling Fruitpunch Beverage Recipe and want to do some celebrating of your own, you can visit United Healthcare's Website.

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