Foodies there is a new place to dine when you visit ATL.

With food, when we mix flavors a creation is born, stimulating the palette and giving us pleasure. FYI (For your information) TI owns a Soul Food Restaurant called Scales 925 in Atlanta. It's upscale eating for the city that is vastly becoming known as Black Hollywood. The menu is full of Southern Cuisine and great for Atlanta's down south crowd. Okay, I was a bit taken back and surprised by the news, even though I had seen the "Whatever you like Rapper in the kitchen many times on TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle. This venture as a Restaurant Owner is all so new. Meatloaf cupcakes and Shrimp & Grits (A New Orleans Favorite) were mentioned in The Daily Meal article which reported that the restaurant opened this past spring. According to The Daily Meal, the Atlanta Rapper will be evaluating the performance of Scales 925 and within a year will determine if franchising is feasible. We don't know if wine ice cream (Hillary Clinton's favorite) is on the desert menu but it would probably soften her toward the Atlanta Rapper. Now that's food for thought!

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