The Life Of Pablo is finally here but it took us on a roller-coaster ride before we could even get what I would call a tease of Tidal Streaming Love, giving us a taste of what the flavor of the album is like. According to Kanye, a gospel sound is not the only thing that makes this album a lot different than what we are use to when it comes to Kanye Music. Kanye's Twitter Rants have made it clear that his Pablo Album will only be released via Tidal's Streaming Service which is something that will distinguish this album from all the rest Yeezy has released thus far. It's a smart move compared to all the other drama surrounding Kanye promotion tactics and the ultimate release of the album. Remember, the twitter feud that ensued with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose which ended in apologizes and lots of buzz from the photo taken of Kim Kardashian West and Amber Rose.

It's true that we loved reading about Kanye West and his potential run for President, Governor or Mayor or something. Don't laugh, he is a major Celebrity with lots of pull in business and in these streets.   Reading more Twitter Rants from the College Dropout Rapper, made us take what he says serious about his ability to "make anything dope". He is the guy credited with sending his little North to the skating rink in an expensive fur coat. Calm down P.E.T.A, she is just a little girl under the influence of her Fashion Icon Parents. What were they to do after seeing Blue Ivy slay in the Formation Video?  We don't know if Mark Zukerberg is taking Kanye's request for help or his profession that he can make anything dope serious but we are wondering why he is $53 million dollars in debt. Except pondering that right now would just make me want to take a nap and dream of better days so I digress, choosing to focus on how Adidas is helping to torpedo the success of everything Yeezy.

Here's why we think Adidas needs to take 50 steps back. They helped Roc Nation Artist, Rita Ora release a Sneaker Collection!  That really seems so wrong. First, it is clear that they have not realized Kanye is key to keeping Adidas as popular as they always have been. You know because of Run DMC and their whole Fashion and Footwear "Walk This Way" Style which really made sneakers a true part of Hip-Hop Culture. Here is the deal.....there was so much that helped to build up anticipation for Yeezy Season and the new album too. We all wanted to know what songs were included, who would be featured, helping to make the final product even more fabulous. Our hopes stayed high and we wanted to know the name of the album and many fans even tried to guess that title before The Life Of Pablo became the chosen title. What seems like an attack on the Yeezy Brand is the bad timing of Adidas to approach Singer Rita Ora with a Sneaker Deal. It's like releasing a Jay Z and Kanye Album in the same week, a major distraction for fans. Instead of smart promotion, this is like meet, crash, and burn. Who will arise from the ashes? Kanye or Rita Ora?

We are unsure if all of this will truly hurt or help Yeezy or Tidal. We do know that he is not forgotten amid the chaos of Celebrity Promotions, love, and music. We are all listening for what's to come. Done and done.