Every since 50 Cent made PIMP, I have been rocking with him because I remember bumping it in a rental truck. I was in college at the time, going to UNO trying to get my Bachelors Degree traveling to Florida to see my Father and Great Auntie and 50 Cent was with me and my Son on our journey. I had him on my radar and that has never changed no matter where I am at in my life. The new teaser he released called Still Think I'm Nothing featuring Jeremiah is one reason you should be watching the "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Rapper too. At some point in your life, you may have felt put down too or maybe someone told you that you were nothing and never going to be nothing. Whatever the case, it sounds like the song is going in that direction. 50 Cent promises something special if we are patient so I am anticipating something to that caliber of what he did with Brand New Di**.