The D-Boy Video came out right after all the drama started between Lexi and New Orleans Rapper BTY Young'N. When the smoke settled, it turned out to be all good in the Ryda Muzik Family. Here is the D-Boy Video ft. Nice Gunz and they are even letting us see BTY Young'N dropping by a Daquari Shop to buy something to sip on. Flashing money and talking that street talk is what this video is about. They are not even trying hard to win fans over because their goal is much bigger. The pull of Ryda Muzik in the streets all of a sudden seems more important and we love showing them off!  It is very obvious that they are believing that someday they will really have it.

Whether you think of the Ryda Muzik Family as Super Heros or not, Lexi is very much involved in Nice Gunz' dream to make it big. She is the Wonder Woman in the Rappers life so it's time for us to put a face to Lexi's Madness. Back in June, the personalitites of BTY Young'N and Lexi clashed when Nice Gunz had his run in with the law and problems arose when they were getting his bail money together. Here is the woman standing in front of Nice Gunz.

BTY Young'N also performed in Houston,Texas recently and we just know there are more great things to come from these New Orleans Artist, on the grind. Oh and just for the record(s), Jay-Z started from the bottom first. Remember, he told us over and over on Say Hello?  I never forgot and I hope you didn't either.

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