It not always easy to figure out how to promote hot songs when there is so many number 1's on a mixtape. Choosing the right song can mean more exposure and it can also help an Artist gain more fans and followers too. No matter what happens on Social Media and how many Hip-Hop Heads get on and start feeling an Artist, the most important thing is consistency in promotion for the music. Nice Gunz seems to be mastering what he needs to be doing with the help of Music Manager Geedy P. and though he is not signed to a major label, he taking advantage of Social Media and using it effectively to keep his buzz up. Recently he dropped a video snippet and images from his video shoot and I was all in being as nosy as I could to try and figure out the angle.   I just feel like guessing that they are going for an old school, throwback feel with this one. Afterall, he is wearing a khaki Dickey Outfit. In New Orleans, its obviously what most people from the city will think too. I just want to see these two continue to bring us good music and great promotions. I love see my people get on. Keep up the good work. That's all. Kudos... Check out the scoop yourself below.