New Orleans Rapper BTY Young' N is no longer with us. The D Boy Rapper is was apparently gunned down in New Orleans at a Shell Gas Station. Rappers from all over the city have been posting pictures and video to Social Media since early morning hours, paying tribute to him for his contributions to the Rap Game. Geedy P managed the BTY Young'N for a short time during which time he made numerous videos with Rapper Nice Gunz. D-Boy is the only video I have seen as of late featuring both Rappers sharing that #NolaFlow. Nice Gunz cameoed in his I Know The Way, a song where he shared Biblical and Islamic verses. It is a controversial video that really showed that he was someone who tried to expand his intellect by reading like Music Manger Geedy P. who has not said much since that news of BTY Young'N's  Death broke. Watch I Know The Way and D-Boy below.

BTY Young'N made songs including violence which is a reflection of the lives and times of New Orleans and many other inner city neighborhoods. He also was not afraid to block fans on Twitter and Instagram if he heard a little voice speaking into his ear and he made a video saying so watch it here. When I saw this video, I laughed so hard because he blocked me on Twitter but not on Instagram. I knew he believed in using his music to communicate with fans when he made 0017th BTY Young'n | BTY and was featured on Elz Montana's "This For Y'all. Those are 2 more of my favorite songs. Watch the video below and check out that souncloud feature.

BTY Rapped about knowing the way and he got his wings.

That's all. Kudos...