Ryda Muzik is not going anywhere! The Independen Record Label is doing everything possible to flood the streets with Ghetto Style Music, dealing with social issues that affect the lives of young men, young women and children, trying to find their way.

Nice Gunz gave us a hint that new music was on the way when he released this hook, right before he was scheduled to perform with Labelmate BTY Young'N, an Artist who released his Feed Up Mixtape, shortly there after. The latest song from Nice Gunz is called I Represent. It's every bit of what you would expect to be featured on a Soundtrack like Hustle & Flow or American Gangster. The lyrics play up typical stereotypes of what urban lifestyles can mean. The song is a musical outcry of what teenager Micheal Singleton expressed on the Charlie Rose Show. Watch here to see what I mean. Nice Gunz In The Ghetto Song and Dirty Cops Anthem seem all to real, considerin

g all the stories appearing on the news. Drugs, guns, urban lifestyles and clashes with Police Officers, represent a normalcy that many Black Families face everyday.

Obviously I Represent is expressing anger toward the killing of Freddie Grey, a Black man who died while in the custody of Baltimore Police Officers.

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