New upcoming Rap Artist have to put in work to be noticed, especially when there is so many talented creatives trying to make a name for themselves. New Orleans Artist Nice Gunz is putting in work just like he did when he released his debut mixtape called Triggerz Go No heart I. His Lil Boosie Tribute Song called Feel Like Boosie made his first debut Mixtape sound Dollar Bill Fresh. That's when I knew that Nice Gunz was really all in for competing in the Rap Game. Being inspired and paying homage to other Artist with name drops or even Rap Style and delivery is a great way to celebrate creativity without making it all about self. It's like saying I see you, I hear you and I am here so you gotta deal with me. The "Smokin Session" Rapper pays homage by name dropping in his new Ima Fool Video by connecting it with relevant lyrics. I mentioned name dropping in a recent post I did on Robert Kelly who's kids burst into the room when he was completing a digital video. Nice Gunz pays homage to one of my favorite Rappers, Jay Z when he raps "Im a hustler like Hova" he goes on to say "bout my bizness like Diddy Trap or die like Jezzy I put on for my city" Waka Flocka Flames is even referenced and Music Manager Geedy P appears in his first cameo, sipping on what he calls his favorite. Which was confirmed when he posted multiple photos of him and the champagne, on his Instagram Page. It was his birthday. You have to see this video for yourself.

What a way to spin negative press and gossip into something positive. He's making music and the track lyrically sound and his hungry demeanor is speaking for itself. That hunger kind of plays into the songs hook. The New Orleans Rapper is planning to take his career to another level and raps about buying buildings and schools for the children. Hey, didn't Diddy do that?

New Orleans Artist are not going anywhere and they don't mind investing in their dreams. Triggerz Got No Heart ll will be dropping in the next few weeks. Remember, it's been 3 years since Triggerz Got No Heart l dropped so I am ready to hear that new NOLA Music. That's all. Kudos...


Music Manager Geedy P with his B-Day Drink