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Blog Xilla is a Premium Blogger who interviews High Profile Celebrities all the time. His big personality helps him to stand out on camera when he is asking celebs the tough questions. He has even interviewed Oprah, the Media Queen. No matter how much Blog Xilla manages to accomplish, he does not try to outshine his guest during their sitdowns. Blog Xilla does not have a flashy sense of style. In fact, he seems to be very low key and trying hard is something that just doen't do,  Xilla Valentine is confident and his strong feature always make him look good.

Check Blog Xilla out, as he interviews Chris Rock, talking acting, Bow Wow Beef with Tony Rock, and how Comedians fit into his real life.

We hope you got a few laughs from Chris Rock's microphone madness. Now, tell us what you think about our Young & Reckless Fashion Share. Would you wear this brand?

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