Fashion helps us to really make statements about who we are while also revealing the things that are unique about the brands we love. My 22 year old Son helped me to realize how cool knee high socks could be, once he tried he trie them on for size. Though I had seen a few people wearing it before, I never really thought about trying out the look, until I saw him wearing a pair of black knee high socks with his mixed fabric leather pullover and some designer shorts. Here is my Son Dell, wearing his knee high socks with canvas sneakers.

There are the critics who will say that wearing pants would be a lot easier but shorts and knee high socks is more fashion forward, especially with our unpredictable Florida weather. One day its cool and very breezy and the next it's nearly freezing.  The temperatures (here in Florida) even fluctuate from day to night, so a style like this is weather appropriate this time of year.

The leather look aded an edgy swagger to his overall style and the glasses really make this spring look even more fun and cool. Here is some irresistible Happy Socks that we absolutely love here at Abornewords.

Sock Inspiration

Do you think leather, socks, and shorts is cool and how would you where your knee high socks?

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