Photo Credit: Sickest Addictions

Regardless to whether or not you agree, Jay Z's inclusion as the spearhead of Tidal is paramount because his legacy is already established and he is, as he refers to himself, a business man!

The proof? I casually picked up Future Music Magazine from the periodicals section at Barnes & Nobles and there was yet another blast about Tidal (the streaming service) the sound quality and the visual impact of the music streamed through the service which cost about $10-$20 dollars per month. Filled with controversy, the review mentioned Spotify and I wondered about Pandora and thought this comes with the territory. All the attention is seemingly being taken away from the Artist, in order to discredit their famous allure. This behavior further proves that the fear factor is up for Tidal's competitors.

When you have a heavy weight like Jay Z trotting anything, you know the numbers and popularity are going to soar. You can find Future Music Magazine at Barnes & Nobles or get it here using Googles Platform.

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