We do not know if what we will share about Bounce will be more appealing to guys who are College Students or bachelors but this is certainly worth a read. No it is not like the Old Spice for guys commercials including Isaiah Mustafa.  Nor is it the Beauty Campaigns that have us her on Abornewords so excited about the future of retail. Besides the talking shelves and the new Lowes Robot that showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, we are over the moon about something as simple as a fabric softener sheet, from Bounce.

Proctor & Gambles Bounce For Men in Pure Sport has consumers talking and we think it is a wonderful way to take Bounce to the next level.

Bounce is the brand that my Mother used in our home when I was growing up.  Before we ever got a dryer in our apartment, I remember gathering the laundry care products and Bounce was one of those items we took along to the laundry mat.

In a recent article featured in HAPPI Magazine, there was an article that really shed light on the strategy being used by brands in various categories.  Cleaning, laundry, and even skincare categories are being used to attract consumers.  Stimulating our olfactory senses (sense of smell) is how brands are getting the attention of consumers these days.

Scents can change mood so I totally get it! Now we have something other than Rocawear Gold to tease our sense of smell and can easily buy into a different type of freshness, with Bounce.

Today it is all about that Bounce For Men and "those who smell them". Would you buy Bounce For Men and will this product encourage you to start separating female and male laundry items?