Doors At Home Depot Will Amaze You

Sometimes it seems like we are spinning our wheels and landing on the same thing, as we go out to work, go to lunch, go home and then wake up the next day on repeat.

Since I only work part time at Best Buy, I was able to take on a 4 day assignment at Home Depot recently and the experience was something I never expected. My journey began in Doors & Windows and so did my fascination with Fiberglass Doors, Patio Doors, Entry Doors, Interior Doors, and Doors With Mirrors. Who knew there were so many, right? Well, I guess I am sort of exaggerating but I had never thought about all these categories before I experienced the department first hand. Jeld Wen and Anderson were all over the place. The Anderson Windows caught my eyes too but I'll admit I was caught up in those darn beautiful doors, along with their accessories.

Door knobs and door handles with locks and door knockers all make more sense to me now. Jeld Wen and Anderson helped me to realize how much I had not only neglected the beauty of doors and windows but had flat out overlooked them.

As I worked with brackets, racks, tools, and other products while handling a drill and a feathered duster, I listened as our shop talk conversation shifted from talk of procedures and techniques to talk of going to homes just for a chance to knock on the door or get a look at it. All of a sudden work did not feel like work and all I could think about was how amazing it would be to be involved with door sales. I even had a chance to speak briefly with a department head and he confirmed how fascinating it is to sell doors but also reminded me about window sales too.  At that point I had to concur; the Doors & Windows Department at Home Depot is pretty cool. I even bought an apron to remind me of my experience but I also used it while I worked for all my little extras.

Like many of you who will read this, I had been in Home Depot quite a few times before, but I never had a chance to really walk through their Doors & Windows Department. I recommend that you check it out the next time you are there. You will probably realize, like I did, how much changing doors, door handles, and door locks can improve the look and feel of your home. You will really love Home Depot's Apron Blog too.

Check out this cool How To Video I found on their website.

After watching it I started thinking it would be a good idea to paint doors that could not replaced immediately, in order to freshen them up and experience the different look and feel, I mentioned earlier. You will have to decide what approach will be best for you. I hope this helped you to realize how easy it is to miss out on all the fascinating departments on a sales floor and also that changing your routine could open you up to new and exciting experiences.

Did reading this make you think about replacing any doors in your home? Tell us what you are thinking about doing differently in your home, in our comment section.

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