Having a fetish is not always bad, especially if it eventually turns into something that can benefit you. By benefit in this case, I am referring to finanacial gain.

One teen was capable of taking his Sneaker Fetish to a new level, after he had amassed over 2000 pairs of Designer Sneakers, including Jordans and even some Lebron James highly sought after releases, among others. The teen made national news, after being featured in a televised On The Money News Spot. Fourteen year old Chase Reed, with the help of his Father, opened up a Used Sneaker Pawn Shop called Sneaker Pawn USA.

Though it took a little convincing from Troy Reed his Father, now the teen seems to be all in, recently dropping an event advertisement for the release of The Brooklyn Zoo 2's and the Snow White Yeezy, The even will take place leading up to All Star Weekend on Thursday, February 12th.

The stroe is located in Harlem. His Father said "He's a Business Man now" Since Chase is spending after school hours working at Sneaker Pawn and paying his Father a salary, it is obvious that's actually true.

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