Olay For Men, L'Oreal Men Expert, and Nivea Men have popularized over the year. Yet, the dominance of usage is still more prevalent in World Countries like China, India, and Brazil. What does this say about American Men? Does this mean that they are less concerned about aging and anti-aging? How do we change this mentality and get American Men on board with using anti-aging resources like lotions and creams? According to some Marketing Strategist, repositioning is the answer. Repositioning a brand changes the way a brand is perceived and with male anti aging products, it's a confirmation that brands are aware of male needs and that they understand them.

Repositioning brands can happen easily, if more campaigns/commercials featuring male grooming products were more common. I've seen Rappers like Jay Z and 50 Cent promoting Armand de Brignac Champagne (purchased last year by Jay Z) and EFFen Vodka (50 Cents new Vodka), something that is definitely making waves for Diddy's Ciroc Brand, even with Male and Female Rappers like Ayo PrincezZ using the Ciroc name in Rap verses.

Any one or all of these successful, well known men are possibly just the guys to choose as Brand Representatives for brands who intend to change perception about male grooming products, in this very competitive American Beauty Market. It's just the way to go, in order to get men on board with the idea of grooming with a purpose in mind. After all anti-aging for men is important too. Generation X is living longer and feeling younger and as Generation Y ages, brands need to use campaigns to create brand awareness and generate interest in male grooming/anti-aging products. That's all.